• Juliet Heap

Convent of the Holy Family, Albert Square

Albert Square, Lambeth

The owners of this property proposed to convert an existing garage and laundry room into a flat for a resident priest, as there was insufficient accommodation for a priest within the main convent.

They Planning & Listed Building Consent for the conversion, and a previous application had been withdrawn following concerns raised by officers. Juliet was asked to come on board to help with initial planning advice on how best to get approval, prepare a planning support statement and coordinate and submit the application.

The key issues in this case were privacy, amenity and whether or not the property could/would then be used as independent accomodation ie. what was the ancilliary use to the main building. 

After a full review of the issues and possible objections from the local community and planning authority, Juliet drafted and submitted the planning application. The full case was presented, all issues raised were responded to effectively and finally delegated approval was received.


Full details & submission documents are available on the London Borough of Lambeth Council’s planning search facility -application reference 18/04090/FUL &  18/04091/LB