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Juliet Heap offers a wide range of services, which have been developed with clients in mind. Whether you need our assistance with site identification or submitting a detailed planning application, Juliet has the knowledge and skills and contacts in the planning and wider development industry to assist you through every stage of the planning process.

Juliet has a wealth of experience organising and managing community consultation events across central and east London for a range of planning applications. Working with the local community from the start of any project can provide significant benefits to all involved, both in terms of time and cost saving, but also by providing a develpment scheme that benefits those that live and work in the area as well as for the client.

With the  the Localism agenda, community consultation for planning applications will become compulsory. Juliet has been involved in detailed community consultations at all levels and is well placed to help developers and landowners consult effectively and help to meet the needs of communities now that the National Planning Policy Framework has been adopted. Through her work as a trustee for Planning Aid, London and through working with the Waterloo Community Development Group and Poplar HARCA, Juliet has a good understanding of the issues and how and with whom to begin to properly engage. 

As part of a wider planning application preparation, Juliet can prepare Design and Access Statements, either independently or in association with architects, depending on the nature of the application. Design and Access Statements are required for many types of planning application and explain the design thinking behind the application.


Juliet has the skills and expertise to promote clients interests through the Local Plan process by submitting robust representations to Local Planning Authorities. 

Open Space Audits are qualitative and quantitative assessments of greenspaces. They look at existing spaces and their uses and make recommendations for future improvements to design and management of spaces. Juliet has worked with several clients and has the specialist expertise to prepare open space audits.

Our planning advice provides a firm foundation for informed decision-making & best next steps. Juliet provides representation on all types of planning appeals, including householder appeals, planning enforcement appeals, hearings, public inquiries, and written representations.

For any appeal, we will first review the aapplication against the reasons for refusal and advise on the likelihood of success prior to deciding whether to appeal. We will also advise clients of the best appeal route. Should the decision be taken to appeal, we will work with the client to present the best possible case, that is well researched  and draws upon our experience and knowledge of the planning system.

Juliet has a wealth of knowledge and significant experience in successfully negotiating a wide range of planning applications, which she prepares, co-ordinates, submits, manages and monitors. Applications range from small householder applications through to major commercial development schemes and can cover change of use applications and applications for new builds and extensions.

Juliet provides clear, consistent and sound town planning and property advice, pulling together clear planning strategies culminating in the preparation and coordination of planning applications. Juliet has mostly worked in the residential and mixed use areas, but also has experience of commercial, leisure and retail town planning.

As well as major applications, juliet has also experience of non material and minor material amendments to approved planning consents, negotiating s106 agreements and project management. 

Whether it is a small application or one requiring a multi-disciplinary team, Juliet has the expertise to act as lead consultant, overseeing project management of the planning application process.  She is able to bring together and co-ordinate project teams tailored to the individual application, which include architects, sustainability, highways and environmental consultants as well as solicitors and communications specialists. Juliet also has a range of firms and companies, as well as other freelance consultants, that have a range of technical experience to support the application process.


Juliet is well equipped at researching a site or area's potential and preparing masterplans for its future. The art of masterplanning has evolved over the years and Juliet has the knowledge and skill to work out how best to join all the parts that make up an urban environment, from transport infrastructure to the public realm and the many other things that work together to form a place. It provides the framework within which architects can later develop the detailed design.

Juliet has extensive experience in identifying and advising on potential development sites, particularly within central London, but also across the UK. Juliet’s detailed and considerable knowledge and understanding of the planning system together with appreciation of client's requirements ensures that Juliet is able to identify potential development sites for a variety of uses which will not only represent the most commercially viable option but will also be the most acceptable in planning terms.

Juliet can proactively negotiate Heads of Terms for a variety of S106 provisions, using experience and guidelines to accurately define what is either realistic or acceptable. Juliet co-ordinate the process, liaising between various legal representatives to ensure that provisions which are necessary are focussed and within suitable parameters.

Juliet applies S106 to unlock developments and to deliver genuinely achievable and cost effective solutions.