• Juliet Heap

Neglected Spaces

Tackling empty buildings of all types and the neglected spaces can offer opportunities to deliver benefits to communities, including employment and training. With 14 years experience as a planning consultant, Juliet has a wealth of knowledge and contacts and works with a variety of people and organisations which helps enhance any opportunity.

With the amount of new homes, transport and other infrastructure that is needed to support London’s growth, and to enable people to live and work in a truly amazing city, it’s astonishing that there should be empty and underused buildings and spaces that aren’t used to their full advantage in our cities.

Juliet is constantly on the look out for vacant and underused buildings and spaces, particularly within central London to work with creatively and establish a use that can work either as a meanwhile use to keep the space alive or for longer term uses. Juliet makes introductions, and collaborates with partners to create the most of our urban areas.

If you are aware of any properties, commercial or residential that are empty, or if you own or manage a property that's been sitting empty for whatever reason, please get in touch and see how through collaborative working, researching finance options and a bit of imagination, we can get these buildings and spaces back ito active use.